canstockphoto0110134The body needs a lot of water to stimulate all the building blocks and functions but water is a relatively cheap and freely available nutrient and can weigh in very expensively when valued as part of a high protein source. All meat products contain water and although the water content have no nutritional value it does play a big role in the composition of the meat impacting on texture, flavour and value.

Rabbit meat only contains about 23 % water in comparison to chicken which could be as high as 63 % in its raw state.  Water naturally part of a product or meat is collective weighed as part of the body mas and regardless of the composition priced as per overall value of a protein. Less water means better value when comparing the products nutritional value per weight.

Less water also allow product to be kept frozen for longer or frozen to a better quality for the same period. This also means that other proteins especially meat had lower water content in the natural meat form they would have probably be higher in nutrients as well.  So although water in meat have no nutritional value it sure contributes to the overall value and quality of the measured protein.

Nutritional Assessment