Safe Storage

canstockphoto7532373The following information was provided by the National Department of Agriculture in the United States also know as USDA. This is the technical information on how certain foods must be treated to upheld food safety standards and as Rabbit meat is a well known protein source across the globe they did their fancy testing as they would with any product produced for human consumption.

Information as supplied by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Food Safety and Inspection Service.

“Take rabbit home immediately from the grocer and refrigerate at 4.5 °C or below. Use it within 2 days or freeze at -18 °C. If kept frozen continuously, it will be best before 12 months.  It is safe to freeze rabbit in its original packaging. For prolonged storage, over wrap for long-term storage. For best quality, use frozen whole rabbit within a year; pieces within 9 months.”

Above information is directed at the consumer and assumed that one would purchase ones product from a retail outlet.  Not much different from chicken or poultry products and there aren’t any special ways to treat a rabbit when bought from your local grocery store.