Rabbits invade Franschoek

Rabbits invade Franschhoek

NEIL PENDOCK JULY 27, 2014 click here to view

Franschhoek, the former food and wine capital of SA, is being invaded by Flopsy and Mopsy andCottontail. The Jeff Koonsesque brass statutes of Peter Rabbit and his friends are breeding like bunnies all over town. Celebrity chef Chris Erasmus (below) forages greens for them each morning and presents them at his new all singing, all dancing Foliage Restaurant.


The restaurant is big on ethnic boerekos with a touch of Noma. Just the kind of cooking to enjoy next to a roaring log fire with rabbits on the mantelpiece. Next he’ll be putting rabbit stew on the menu, to join the slow roasted pasture-fed pork shoulder and braised pork belly broth. Jason Whitehead, the Peter Rabbit of Cape bunnies, needs to send some Coniglio samples immediately.


We were in a sombre mood after someone reported that the tomb of Jonah in Iraq was blown up byIsis last week and we’re not talking the Egyptian God of Nature here. Jonah’s fifteen minutes of fame were being swallowed by a whale. And we’re not talking the notorious Franschhoek whalecottage guest house owner here, either.


The rabbits have spread like… rabbits and already taken over Le Quartier Francais as well (above). Although the statues to rogue separatist rabbits “taking down” a Boeing 777 have fortunately not crossed the road. Yet.


Not a layover destination for Air Malaysia cabin crew.

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