A new dawn for Elgin

A new dawn for Elgin

NEIL PENDOCK AUGUST 22, 2014 click here to view 

The tides of geopolitics and fashion are running firmly in the direction of Elgin. The world’s largest producer of apples, Poland, will start harvest next month, but as part of the EU sanctions on Russia, will be unable to sell to its largest market. Which is good news for Dick Rushton at Distell, the world’s second largest cider maker. Are bulk shipments about to reverse direction, bringing apple juice from Grójec and Góra Kalwaria down the Atlantic instead of bulk wine sales up from Oke City to Rotterdam?


A Polish retreat will open up the Russian market to Elgin apple exports. Just as the news breaks that ageing rock stars drink Riesling, the national tipple of Grabouw. The Telegraph reports that “Queen and Guns ‘N’ Roses prefer Riesling, while classical music lovers favour Gewürztraminer.” And Elgin makes them both. Their fans prefer Sauvignon Blanc. Which makes you think, doesn’t it?

Pencil in a little R&R w. J&J in your hectic social diary on Sunday October 5 at Camissa at the Table Bay Hotel. The R&R is not rock and roll but rather Rielsing and Rabbit while the J&J is not Jay and Jayendra Naidoo, the RDP billionaires, but rather Jocelyn Meyers and Jason Whitehead, two of Watership Down’s most capable chefs. The rabbit comes from Coniglio in Durbanville and the wines from the Pendock Wine Gallery @ Taj.

The wine menu includes three Grand Cru Rieslings from Alsace made by Julien Schaal, a stunna from Robertson made by Danie de Wet which nearly made us call the lunch RRR (it roars with flavour) plus two from the Paul Cluver Montain Kingdom of Wine. The wines and dishes are designed to capture the delicate and ephemeral flavours and aromas of spring. Just like a guitar riff from Slash.

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