Chardonnay for Crocodile

Chardonnay for Crocodile

NEIL PENDOCK JULY 22, 2014 click here to view

SA Chardonnays just keep on getting better and better. A bottle of Kaaimansgat 2013 from Bouchard Finlayson with four oysters and a cheek of lime at Liam Tomlin’s Chef’s Warehouse on Bree Street in Cape Town made the point with elegance and eloquence this lunchtime.


How totally refreshing to see a place name on the label in all its glory, the gat in question being above Villiersdorp. While crocodile tastes like chicken, this versatile Chardonnay has the maritime acid freshness to complement oysters but would also be great with rabbit fillet. Jason Whitehead, the dashing face of rabbit in the Western Cape, needs to drop off some departed friends of Flopsy, Mopsy and Cottontail at Liam’s while there is still a winter chill in the air. Liam’s wife Jan confirmed “Liam loves rabbit.”


A rabbit stew or bunny chow would fit right in for today’s Asian tapas (above) was very pescatarian and Friday is still four days off. After all Prince George turns one today (“One is one” as the headlines say) and had a Peter Rabbit party on the weekend to celebrate. Rabbits are all the rage.

Culinary goddess Marlene van der Westhuizen was also at Liam’s (taking time out from filming for yet another upcoming book) and we briefly discussed the possibilities of rabbit and Riesling. Having studied under a Michelin starred chef in Alsace, Marlene is firmly on the Peter Rabbit Route.

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