Mythical Believes

canstockphoto19491362There is always some truth in myths and mostly because they are based on believes for whatever the reason.  Mythological believes date back too far when people came up with what they believed to be true. However if we look at what was claimed, there are some scientific data available to support these myths and further creates interest in the consumption of rabbit meat.  We will mention a few and also add the balance of the nutritional information available to us today to show that the believes and myths were not completely unfounded.

In the ancient roman times rabbit meat were destined for the nobles and considerate as the best meat available. It was given to maidens to make them more fair, fertile and willing. It was also believed than one would experience fleetness of foot when regularly consuming rabbit meat. This meat was destined for the Kings table and his guest.

Lets look at what was believed.  If one simply look at how clean and tasty the meat of rabbits are we have no quibble about the fact that it was the best available at the time. The fairness and fleetness of of foot can only be due to the overall nutritious value of the meat and was experience then already in the simplest of measures available by observing effects it had on the human body over time. Fertility and willingness are sure two different aspects but the one goes with the other to be measured and we think that was the case back them, it is still today.  The high selenium in rabbit meat aids the body production of various sex hormones and contributes to a healthy sperm count. The visuals of rabbits mating and the frequency of the activities will leave one speechless. Definitely and ideal in many views and could explain the willingness without to many words. Today the act of mating are pretty much only viewed by rabbit farmers or hobbyists but will leave one with an uncontrollable smile every single time. The saying “breed like rabbits” are no myth and when measured by the production abilities full grown fact.

So who decided that the rabbit will only work over Easter?  In pagan times the egg was a fertility symbol and the rabbit a symbol for sex.  When the kingdoms were converted to Christianity the eggs and the bunny stayed as the symbol for Easter as suppose to a fertility and sex celebration. Although the meanings has changed and dates back so far that it would be impossible to undo. The rabbit is still a very important creature in the eyes of many.

There are many other superstitions and believes like the rabbit is a trickster or a animal that brings good fortune and good luck, or like being a messenger etc. but the ones relevant to consuming rabbit meat is pretty much of our interest and can be justified nutritiously today.