Let’s Meet and Greet

canstockphoto6006152Interested in rabbit farming? If you think that you have what it takes to produce rabbits commercially or would like to get an idea of what is involved visit us and we will introduce you to the methods. It is important for us to make sure that all potential new rabbit farmers see a breeding facility so that they can familiarize themselves with the industry. We would also like to meet you to see if you have what it takes to commit to one of our farming contracts.

Visiting us will be well worth the effort as there are such a lot of questions that will simply fall into perspective after your visit. We are serious about rabbit farming and we believe that a visit to our facility will help you to make a informative decision on rabbit farming.  We will also answer all your questions so you can prepare for your new venture.

What can you expect to see?  Well we show you what the rabbit farming activities can look like and how to house house 6000 rabbits, the equipment required and the overview of the daily activities.

We also share our vision and accomplishments.  All our contracts are linked to an available quota system. Sometimes we have a bit of a waiting list so make your reservation soon to avoid disappointment.

What happens after your visit?  We would have provided you with enough information to start planning your venture.  You are welcome to book your contract course to start farming or decide how rabbit farming can fit into your plans which we can discuss.