Know the Cuts


Let’s have a look aphotot the different Portions or Cuts.The three main portions would be the fronts, loins (middle or saddle) and hinds.  The fronts are the toughest but boast the most flavour and with slow cooking in a liquid can be turned into the most awesome curry, casserole dish or stew with exceptional rabbit flavour and probably the closest to the real rabbit flavour you will get. Similar to well cooked or prepared ribs, they will fall of the bone while retaining that juiciness with a little help from the cooking liquid or recipe juices.  They could even be precooked or prepared to be used later with a quicker method that require much tender meat.  Whether you level the playing field by precooking or enjoying the time and effort to infuse all the flavours slow cooking is required for the front section of the rabbit.

The middle or saddle house the loin and this is an extremely tender portion.  It does not need marinating before cooking other than to infuse ones flavours.  This part of the rabbit when boned can cook for as little as 2 minutes per side on a extremely hot grill and produce the ultimate tender and juicy result.  It can be poached in 8 minutes. This is the portion you can cook quickly over high heat or just a little longer on medium heat in a cooking liquid to infuse more flavour. There are very little difference apart from size in the boned loin of a big or smaller rabbit the best cut or portion of the rabbit.

The hinds definitely the mightiest and meatiest part of the rabbit.  The hinds from a young fryer rabbit is quite tender but due to the thick meat layers and bone it needs a little extra cooking time than the loin portions and might dry out if the cook is not watchful.  The cooking methods is similar to cooking chicken with the same cooking times and temperatures.  Whether in the oven or on the grill the choice of marinade, basting, time on cooker and temperature depends greatly on the skills and experience of the cook.  This is the most versatile part for grilling, baking, stews and casseroles exactly like chicken but with a little skill from the cook to produce a succulent tender dish.  The hinds can easily be cut up into 2 smaller portions that will allow less cooking time.

Now one don’t have to cook the rabbit in only a pot.  Make no mistake that a hearty stew can be just what is required but knowing that rabbit can be easily prepared and cooked in many ways more than one and will substitute your chicken recipes perfectly every time.

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