canstockphoto7654741Proteins are molecules made from amino acids, and are very important for all living things. Their main function is to build muscle, heal wounds and fight off infections. Proteins are also an essential part of our diet, as they provide some of the energy you get from your food.

The higher the protein the more value can be added to the functions mentioned and less of it can be consumed to satisfy your bodies requirements.  A high protein diet may be required for various reasons, to simply survive with less or to grow quicker with more. The required proteins are normally absorbed by the body, the extra the body get rid off without storing it. This is why a high protein diet can be beneficial when one needs to consume little food and maximize its value. The opposite is also used by training the body to use the nutrients available rather to get rid of them by exercising or building muscle.

So if you require the extremes in very little or in abundance rabbit meat can help you to achieve your goals when it comes to building muscle, repair cells and maintaining your bodies growing functions. By including rabbit meat in ones diet more valuable protein nutrients will be available to your body to use when compared to other proteins. Rabbit meat is a high protein source with a delicious flavour for consumption on a daily basis.

FACT:  Rabbit meat is the highest in protein of all animals dressed for human consumption.

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