Health Benifits

canstockphoto3102286Many of the health or medical benefits of consuming rabbit meat is directly related to the nutritional value of the meat. The high protein levels and the fact that it is highly digestible by the human body means that it is classified as a delicate meat.  More than 96% of this protein is digestible and aid troubled or older digestive systems to function normally.

Lower cholesterol levels when compared to other meat and the special fatty acid profile not only limits unwanted cholesterol intake but fights cholesterol in the human body. This is a welcome  alternative for cholesterol sufferers to enjoy a wholesome meal full of flavour and with great satisfaction.

Rabbit meat contains a powerful antioxidant called selenium that act as a cell regenerating agent aiding the body in repairing damaged cells with a great effect on the healthy functioning of the skin as the bodies biggest organ.

A non prescription item that anyone can enjoy while working its magic as a precaution or as an aid to any of the above problematic  conditions.

Just a French thought – French people in general are way leaner then other nations and they traditionally are among the highest consumers of rabbit meat in the world per head.

Nutritional Assessment