Facts About Rabbit Meat

canstockphoto16518326There are many reason why people consume rabbit meat and a quick summary of the elite properties of rabbit meat can be found on this page or a more in depth explanation in simple terms from each section backed up by the necessary fact and sources. Enjoy…

The most important reason should be for its nutritious properties. Rabbit meat is an elite product with excellent nutritious properties. The composition and relation to fat and meat ratio is excellent and it is a power pack of protein.  Yet it is being overlook due to the lack of knowledge and the absence of an industry initiative in the past. Well things have changed and if you like to analyze the nutritious value of the protein you consume you will find all the information in this category.  Rabbit meat simply exceed the expectations on all levels when it comes to nutritional comparison of meat products. read more

Secondly we should say for health benefits. Health benefits has been recognize by many across the world as part of a diet to achieve and combat certain attributes.  Studies have shown how the properties of rabbit meat can effect on our bodies.  Rabbit meat is delicate and move through the digestive system just as delicate.  Rabbit is enjoyed by high cholesterol sufferers as they need to avoid other meat types.  There is nothing like craving a good meal knowing that it compromises ones health and rabbit meat can satisfy that craving by standing in as a substitute wholesome alternative without compromising on flavour. read more

Rabbit meat packs a high protein punch and on the fitness scene consumption of rabbit meat maximizes and assists with achieving goals related to training the body.  Low in kilojules while high in protein could just add to that extra edge amongst fitness fanatics. read more

Rabbit meat can be farmed to be a natural product.  Rabbits don’t need stimulants to grow and a natural grass diet is simply all that is required to fulfill the nutritional requirements for rabbits to flourish. This also insures a healthy animal without the need for antibiotics. Rabbits farmed using natural rearing techniques can provide a good platform for sustainable protein and allows the practice of humane farming methods. read more

The importance of products with a positive impact on the environment has become more and more important. Rabbits are a gift from nature and can be farmed with a positive impact on the environment.  Rabbits don’t compete for food that can be consumed by humans and can produce 7 times more meat than any other farmed animal with the same amount of water and feed and in very little space. Further more rabbit farming is sustainable. read more

There is always some truth in myths and mostly because they are based on believes for whatever the reason.  Mythological believes date back too far when people came up with what they believed to be true. However if we look at what was claimed, there are some scientific data available to support these myths and further creates interest in the consumption of rabbit meat.  read more

The quality in products are rarely overlooked by consumers.  Just for start rabbit meat is the cleanest animal dressed for humane consumption.  Certified by The Heart and Stroke Foundation, slaughtered halal, have export certifications, excellent meat to bone ratio, low natural water content and boast a massive amount of flavour. Consumed as a niche meal or core source of protein, people want more…  read more

Last but not least. The flavour of rabbit meat is what really draws people to it and as far as we are concerned the only important reason needed to justify the consumption of rabbit meat. The ability of rabbit meat to carry the flavours of almost any cuisine or style of cooking make for a culinary experience of note. South Africans has been missing out on this delicacy for way to long.

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