Fresh or Frozen

canstockphoto20212462The choice is yours. Fresh rabbit will be likely to be available only from selected outlets or in abundance from us.  Frozen however is more convenient and as the difference in flavour or texture from a fresh or properly thawed rabbit goes undetected it really is a matter of preference. The fat content in  A grade rabbit meat is so low and isolated or concentrated that very little meat is in contact with the fat.  The composition of the fat is also unique and in most cases it is the fat that effects the quality of the meat in general first.

The general view of the public is that frozen meat has been put in its frozen state as it has already reach the point of not being yesterday catch.  With rabbit meat this is all but true. Special processes are followed at certified facilities to make sure that the meat is preserved as fresh as possible.  This effectively means that your frozen rabbit could pretty well be fresher when properly thawed than the one you just bought fresh at an retail outlet.

We only freez pure unprocessed portions and cuts freshly prepare for your convenience. You can add the sauce or marinade later and to your taste. This is to ensure that frozen whole and portioned products maintain their excellent quality all the way to the table.