Fitness & Training

Rabbit meat pcanstockphoto4489577acks a high protein punch and on the fitness scene consumption of rabbit meat maximizes and assists with achieving goals related to training the body.  

Low in calories while high in protein could just add to that extra edge among fitness fanatics.

Again the nutritious properties of rabbit meat can be used to aid a healthier lifestyle by just using the nutritious value available in rabbit meat to the bodies advantage. When one require a high protein source with a low kilojule intake for training the body it is comforting to know that these are the facts. It is not only the one aspect but the other properties in assisting the body with essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants from one protein source that makes for such an attractive part of a balance diet. In conclusion the “no pain no gain”saying does not portray on the consumption of rabbit meat for training purposes as it is as flavoursome as it is wholesome and a welcome comfort to all fitness fanatics.

Nutritional Assessment