Fats and Cholesterol

canstockphoto15779046Fats are an important part of your diet because they provide energy and help your body to take in some vitamins. Too much bad fats can have a negative effect on your body.  We all know that a little bit of fat makes food taste nicer but not with a risk of consuming nutrients that may have a negative effect on your health.  Fats are present in most food types that are mostly protein sources required to grow.  So what is important to know?

Fats can be saturated or unsaturated. Saturated fats are known as unhealthy fats because too much of them can have a negative effect on your body on the long term. Unsaturated fats are the healthy ones with a positive effect on your body and usable by allowing other nutrients like vitamins to be absorbed by the body. The consuming of fat is unavoidable when consuming meat but caution must taken to consume to much bad fat.  This is one direct cause of high cholesterol that leads to heart disease and heart attacks and also contributes to diabetes.

When consuming protein one must be aware of what meats have high unsaturated fats and avoid excessive consumption.  It is also nice to know that there are options available when one have to choose.  This is also good news for people that have already had heart problems or recovering from a heart attack or high cholesterol sufferers who needs to avoid bad fats.  Rest assured, rabbit meat is an good choice for your diet without having to crave good food and flavours on a regular basis.

FACT:  Rabbit meat is not only lower in cholesterol than other meat choices but is also known to fight cholesterol due to a fatty acid profile that limits cholesterol levels.  

FACT:  Rabbit meat have less than 8.5 % overall body fat and of that 60% is unsaturated or good fats that your body can use.  The fat is also concentrated and by choosing the correct portion almost all the fat can be avoided.

Nutritional Assessment 

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