Farming Services

Coniglio Farming Services are handled by our farmers pages. Coniglio Farming Services handles all the aspects of farming with rabbits and deals with all the aspects of making a core product available to bring to market. Our private farming pages and the home of where all our contracted farmers connect with each other can be accessed below.

Rabbit Farming in South Africa was setup to be a positive and constructive contribution to the farming sector. Our methods and views resulted in positive sustainable humane farming methods. Rabbit farming is here to stay so if you have long ears or green fingers and would like to explore an opportunity to farm with rabbits in South Africa you are most welcome and landed at the right place.

To farm with rabbits is a full farming activity and with access to resources it can be very rewarding and profitable.  Excellent candidates for rabbit farming would be people with a knowledge of farming activities or the willingness to learn and space to grow and expand as the need arises.  This is an excellent income opportunity on its own or to add to existing farming activities and a great way to be self sustainable by providing protein for your family.

To log onto our farming pages we assume that you have an interest in farming and you are most welcome to access the pvt farmers pages here.