Environmental Friendly

canstockphoto16178405The importance of products with a positive impact on the environment has become more and more important.  Rabbits are a gift from nature and can be farmed with a positive impact on the environment.  Rabbits don’t compete for food that can be consumed by humans and can produce 7 times more meat than any other farmed animal with the same amount of water and feed and in very little space. Further more rabbit farming is sustainable.

An alternative food source and method can be used to lower the need for commercial palatalized animal feeds.  A natural feed can be produced easily in limited space and can produce organic food daily which will feed many rabbits. It also has remarkable benefits on the animals health and promotes a healthy digestive system.

The space a lone required to farm rabbit when compared to cattle or sheep is considerably less. All this can be done humanely with the well being of the animals at heart.