Contract Courses

canstockphoto3354001Our contract courses enable farmers to farm with rabbits while they learn and grow his farming activities to its full quota contracted. We buy the rabbits or followers back from our contracted farmers and there is no need to look for your own market.  The farmer can decide how quickly he wants to grow and to what extra or future capacities.  A minim of a 30 doe start up setup is required to qualify for a quota of a 100 does.  All our quotas are secured in increments of a 100 doe setups.  We do allow a new farmer to develop from start up to a full quota within a 12 months.

We only buy rabbits back from our own contract farmers for slaughter or meat purposes and will not buy from any other unknown producer. We do this to make sure that our farming standards are met and to make sure that the most possible A grade meat is produced and from only meat quality rabbits. Our system is based on a point of entry and compulsory exit method within a period for followers produced by farmers and is strictly controlled to make sure that there is a place for every rabbit produced. We plan capacity for slaughter and processing accordingly.

We require the farmer only to farm to the best of his/her ability while we take care of the marketing and product development as per our product brand. Throughout the process we assist farmers to our prescribed farming methods.  For more information go to our farmers website or click here.