canstockphoto16751536Antioxidants are small molecules that counteract oxidative stress and help the body to stay healthy. The majority of antioxidants come from plant sources: fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Examples of antioxidants are polyphenols in green tea, anthocyanins in purple berries, resveratrol in red wine and lycopene in tomatoes. Some vitamins such as C, A and E, as well as minerals like selenium and zinc, are also potent antioxidants.

Rabbit meat is high in selenium.  It is a cell regenerating agent that fixes the bodies cells.  It has a great effect on the skin which is the bodies biggest organ and assist with keeping the skin healthy.  A healthy skin for longer means less wrinkles and a neglected skin sooner means more wrinkles. This is really self explanatory and just a very good example of how what we know today marries the old believes and myths before our time.

Further more the phosphorous content in rabbit meat also aids this process.

Nutritional Assessment