About Us

Coniglio Rabbit Meat Farm (PTY) LTD was started early 2011 and set out to build a platform to supply rabbit products to markets in South Africa and abroad.  The company produces and supplies markets with rabbit meat as a wholesome alternative protein source.  Our main focus is on farming and support structures, processing and product development, marketing and sales and the value adding of by-products.

“This website was created to inform and educate South Africans about the benefits of rabbit meat, to explore the exiting culinary experience and provide a nutritional source of protein to the people. Rabbit meat has been consumed for centuries by humans, and like sushi and bottled water, are now being introduced to the South African market.”

Our Vision

In the next 3-4 years Coniglio Rabbit Meat Farm will have supply and farming structures in most provinces of South Africa and will have established a good client base locally and abroad recognizing quality and wholesomeness.  Good farming and supply structures through the Community Initiative provide quality and sustainable protein to communities.  The Community Initiative has made a positive impact on the lives of those that need affordable nutrition and opportunities to sustain themselves.  The niche markets have added their flair to our products and presented many culinary experiences to patrons and guests.  Rabbit meat has been integrated into most sectors as a choice of protein and distributors, processors, fast food outlets, hospitality groups and the value adding chain would be regular patrons of this protein.

We will be very close to being recognized as a household brand and have proved that a solution to food security issues exists.  Coniglio have taken the lead role in the rabbit farming industry and established itself as a popular brand with a well respected place in niche and community markets in South Africa.

Community Initiative

Coniglio Rabbit Meat Farm (PTY) LTD has been pedantic about doing the right thing at the right time, and has gained a unique position in supplying a range of rabbit products to the market.  Coniglio has well-researched and developed processes and infrastructure.  Until now, the company has focused on high-return niche markets.  This will now be extended through The Coniglio Community Initiative.

Coniglio has developed a Commercial Rabbit Farming Model to farm and supply the commercial niche markets sustainably.  Another model has been developed to focus on the same activities but with benefit to communities from both farming opportunities and the availability of a wholesome affordable protein.  The Community Rabbit Farming Model creates the platform for farmers and farmer-groups to get involved with sustainable rabbit farming activities.  The Coniglio Community Initiative will manage the activities and other than servicing niche markets with a commercial supply it focuses on servicing the communities with a community supply.  It keeps to the basics and aims to only add value in the community but with sound business principles.