A Quality Product

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The quality in products are rarely overlooked by consumers.  Rabbit meat is the cleanest animal dressed for human consumption and Coniglio rabbit meat products are certified by The Heart and Stroke Foundation, slaughtered halal, have export certifications, excellent meat to bone ratio, low natural water content and boast a massive amount of flavour. No added hormones or steroid and antibiotics. Consumed as a niche meal or core source of protein, people want more.

It is to be expected that only quality products makes its way to end consumers.  We made sure that not only the quality of the meat can be measured by consumers but that our whole product including the processing, production and our farming methods contribute to the overall quality of our products and our brand.  Rabbit meat is nothing new around the world but to most South Africans a new protein type they will consume by the tonnes.  Like sushi and bottled water started with the availability that quickly become a craze and now part of everyday life.

Our products are served above the clouds to first class passengers and our quality is available to everyone beneath the clouds as well. Quality for us lies in more than just conforming to the minimum food safety standards but to an overall quality starting from nutrition to environmental and by using good animal farming practices.