A Wholeseome Alternative

heartmarkOur core product and portions carries the heart mark.

This just proves that rabbit meat is a wholesome alternative to other meat choices and when prepared with a low fat recipe can truly contribute to a healthy lifestyle. The great part about Rabbit meat is that it lacks no flavour and can be enjoyed by many people that need to follow low fat diets for health reasons. It is nice to know that this is no compromise and consumers can yet again crave the flavour of a protein that they can safely enjoy.

Furthermore rabbit meat is extremely delicate on the digestive system and this is probably the nicest way we can say this. Digestive disorders or older digestive systems that just needs that extra little bit of understanding. Try it today and feel the difference. Rabbit meat packs up to a thumping 23 % protein and building muscle and gain weight while consuming a wholesome protein is just a bonus. A great source of vitamin B12 and contains selium a cell regenerating agent that restores cells and a great justification to the myth that rabbit meat keep wrinkles away.

Have a look at the nutritional information pages to see why rabbit meat is a true wholesome gift from mother nature.

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